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How to make the money last longer?

How to make the money last longer?

Greetings all friends.

Associate Prof Dr Nik Rahim Nik Wajis
Associate Prof. Dr. Nik Rahim

Have you ever thought of doubling the money you have so that the money can last longer and if possible not run out at any time and even continue to increase?

For example, you have gratuity money from the government or from the EPF of RM100k when you retire. You are no longer working. The pension is not enough to cover family expenses. So whether you like it or not, you have to use the money for expenses.

If you need RM3k a month, within 3 years the money will run out. If you need RM5k a month, in less than 2 years the money will run out. If your monthly expenses are like mine which is RM10k a month, then in less than a year, all the money will be used up.

So what is the solution? How to make sure that your money stays longer and even increases every day?

I have found a solution, God willing.

The answer is GIGAMAX

Before that, let me introduce to my friends about Cryptocurrency because GIGAMAX trades in the Cryptocurrency market.


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that uses Blockchain Technology. You can compare this concept of crypto more or less the same as the concept of real currency. The main difference is that crypto does not exist in physical form like paper money and coins.

In addition, crypto does not have a central authority such as the National Bank that controls and monitors all matters regarding money, credit cards, CCRIS scores, CTOS scores and so on. Crypto operates on its own because it is a decentralized digital asset and exists outside of traditional banking. Bitcoin is a digital asset that was first introduced in 2009 and until today Bitcoin has reached its highest level so far which is 64,000 USD in November 2021.

How does GIGAMAX help you make a profit between 0.8-1% a day?

Various ways to make a profit in the cryptocurrency market such as trading, mining, staking and many more. The most popular is trading. Trading requires a high level of knowledge such as chart reading skills, chart analysis etc. It usually takes 2-5 years to master this field. The existence of this GigaMax is to help us generate income with just a few clicks. No need to study up to 2-5 years. Everything at your fingertips!

Arbitrage Trading - How GIGAMAX helps you make a profit between 0.8-1% per day.


According to there are 22,282 cryptocurrency markets. This does not mean that there are 22,282 exchange platforms, but the number of cryptocurrency pairs in different platforms. For example, BTC/USD pair is traded in more than 10 exchange platforms, ETH/BTC pair in more than 15 exchange platforms and so on.

In each platform, the price offered varies, some are high and some are lower. This is because each platform has no relationship with each other and among the factors that contribute to the price are demand and supply.

In addition, in some small, less popular exchange platforms, the trading volume of a cryptocurrency is small enough that the price of the cryptocurrency is relatively slow to adjust to the current price.

Due to this difference in price, many traders can take the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency on an exchange platform that offers a low price, and sell it on another exchange platform at a high price to make a profit.

Seems easy, right?

Arbitrage trading is the process of taking advantage of the difference in cryptocurrency prices in different exchanges to make a profit. For example, we buy BTC on Huobi which at that time offers a BTC rate of 22,300 USD, then transfer the BTC to Binance because the BTC rate on Binance is 22,500 USD. So sell BTC on Binance. There is a profit of 200 USD.

With this arbitrage method we can overcome problems such as lack of knowledge in reading charts, no time to do technical analysis and other obstacles. With the ease of arbitrage trading, it can be said that it is loss-proof because it does not depend on the market. Even if the market falls, you can still make a profit.

BUT if we implement Arbitrage Trading manually, we need a large capital, need to spend time to monitor what crypto is suitable for trading.

Note: In aribitrage trading that uses AI technology, the robot will not buy any crypto if it cannot be sold immediately. This can prevent the occurrence of floating loss (a situation that most traders are very afraid of).

Therefore, GigaMax exists as a software capable of generating income through Arbitrage Trading. On average GigaMax can generate a daily profit of 0.8-1% through arbitrage trading. How to set up only takes 5 minutes. Easy to use.

If we look at examples of current E commerce platforms such as Lazada & Shopee
We can also make a profit with these two platforms by buying the same powerbank for 50.00 on Lazada for example and selling it on shopee for RM 55.00. Net profit of RM 5.00

This is analogous to Arbitrage Trading


This is my personal account testimony from the time I joined Gigamax on April 16, 2023 until today, May 8, 2023 (22 days). This is proof of daily profit between 0.8-1% every day without fail. Alhamdulillah...










That's a little sharing from me. If you are interested in joining Gigamax, you can continue to register here-  Register Gigamax for FREE and enter this code number in the referral field:8I6QX9ATVOQ5SIZ

The admin will contact you as soon as the registration has been done successfully.

Note: To register as a member at Gigamax, friends must first register with any Exchanger. For Huobi can register here.

After you completed the registration pls contact out admin.   God willing, the admin will guide all friends from A-Z.

Sincerely from us
Dr Nik Rahim Nik Wajis
DrGiga Team GigaMax.

Nik Ammar Syihab (Admin)

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