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Greetings, all friends. Gold, as we know, is a very valuable metal. So it is not surprising that for a long time, gold has been used as a backup currency around the world. The very stable price of gold makes it one of the most profitable long-term investments. Today with the technology available, investing in gold is no longer as complicated as before. If before, we had to go to the gold shop to get gold and then store it, but now we no longer have to do it like that. Now we can buy gold and invest it in an effortless and safe way. We no longer need to worry about the gold we keep at home being stolen or robbed. Gold is just at your fingertips! What's more interesting now, through Quantum Metal (QM), you can not only invest in gold, but you can also double your gold ownership up to 10 times (through company financing) from your original investment amount? Interesting, isn't it?.

For example, if you buy gold for RM1,000, you will be given financing of RM9,000 through the tawarruq murabahah method. So now your total investment has become RM10,000. Wow!! Masha Allah...

Good! Before we talk more about the ways and methods of this investment, let's look at some vital information about Quantum Metal.

Quantum Metal Sdn Bhd is an importer and supplier of gold in Malaysia and ASEAN countries. Started operating in 2012, and the company's headquarters are located at E-Gate Penang. Quantum Metal is the leading London Bullion Market Association  (LBMA) gold distributor in Malaysia, with global influence and pioneering wealth growth.

The Chairman and as well as a Board Member of the company is Tuan Haji Kamari Zaman. He is also Chairman of Bank Persatuan (Co-opbank Persatuan) and Independent and Non-Executive Director, Permodalan BSN Berhad.  The company's paid-up capital is RM 10 million, and it is a participant in Bursa Malaysia Islamic Services (BMIS). 

The company's core business is providing 99.9% premium gold products to the market, including government bodies, banks, financial institutions, wholesalers, and individual gold dealers.


Quantum Metal initiated relationships between local banks and international bullion suppliers, including Perth Mint Gold, Australia. The company's business model is to reduce the risk of regional banks, with local banks doing direct and valid transactions through Quantum Metal.

As a client of Quantum Metal, local banks are free from the capital expenditure for this project because 100% of the system and infrastructure will be invested by this company. The company's return on investment is through a revenue-sharing model with local banks.

Quantum Metal continues to invest, provide the best SOP model, and guarantee real-time online integration between local banks and Quantum Metal.

The local banks cooperating with Quantum Metal are Bank Muamalat, Al-Rajhi Bank, Affin Bank, and Alliance Bank.



Quantum Metal is also a gold system supplier to Ar-Rahnu Tekun.

ANGKASA Cooperative and the Asean Cooperative Organization (ACO) also cooperate with Quantum Metal.

ACO Gold Sdn Bhd was established as a joint venture between MyAngkasa Holding, the Asean Cooperative Organization (ACO), and Quantum Metal.

ACO Gold was registered on 8 February 2018 to increase trade and transactions between cooperatives in ASEAN countries through gold marketing.

MyAngkasa Holdings, owned 100% by Angkasa, is an APEX organization for 10 thousand cooperatives.



The company also received sharia-compliant recognition from ISRA (International Shariʽah Research Academy for Islamic Finance), which is regulated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). (ISRA sharia compliance certificate). Quantum Metal is also listed on the World Gold Council,  Click here for more information:  http://shariahgold.com/products

Quantum Metal has also been appointed as an authorized distributor for Perth Mint Gold, the world's best gold company. (Quantum Metal Distributor Perth Mint Gold) and also ABC Bullion.

Additionally, Quantum Metal was appointed as a distributor of Panda Gold, a collaboration with ICBC Bank Malaysia. 


You don't have to worry about investing in gold with the MyGoldi Quantum Metal scheme because your gold is insured by Lloyd's Of London, 100% guaranteed.

The gold is stored in a safe and secure third-party gold storage facility, Brinks Singapore.


Through the MyGoldi scheme, Quantum Metal Sdn Bhd has designed a 24/7 and sustainable online system that will benefit every gold savings account user. With a safe, simple, and user-friendly system, everyone can join the gold market and share joy. The three best products offered are:-

  Gold Storage Account (GSA)

This is a Gold Savings Account, and you can start saving as low as RM10; Buying and selling gold can be done anytime.

✅ Saving

✅ Capital as low as Rm10

✅ Mygold app i

✅ Physical Gold

✅ Savings capital is not "LOCKED"

 Gold Convert Account  (GCA) 

This is a gold advance account or Islamic pawnshop. You deposit money into this account and can withdraw 85% for use. Profit is calculated on 100% of the money you save.

✅ Islamic Pawn Concept

✅ Can withdraw a maximum of 85% of GSA gold.

✅ Immediate approval.

✅ Management Fee -  3.5% per year.

 Gold Asset Enhancement (GAE)

Gold Asset Enhance is the best product and the craze of many gold investors you won't find like anywhere else. It uses a financial instrument, the concept of Tawarruq. The capital of 1 unit is only 4 grams, but we get 10 times the GAE account which is 40 grams. The profit of the increase in gold is calculated on 40 grams.

✅ Investment

✅ Minimum capital

       GAE x 5 1 unit (USD25) = RM100.00 ++

      GAE x 10 1 unit (USD250)= RM1,400 ++

✅ Special products that are not available in other companies.

✅ 90% tawaruq loan additional capital is provided for every purchase of one unit.

✅ 3.5% tawaruq gold storage fee per year (around RM350.00 ++). Will be refunded if the deposit is less than a year.

✅ Profits from rising gold prices

The price of gold is calculated every day except Saturday and Sunday. You can redeem and take profit, then open the account again to get the next profit.

  The price of 1 unit depends on the current world gold market. Every day, information about the price will be notified. For more information about the price of one unit can contact the registered agent.

No other party offers such a scheme; buy 1 unit and get 10 times the value of gold from the purchase capital issued. Many people take the opportunity to profit through this GAE product.

You can add or buy new units at any time without hindrance. Imagine, if you have RM10,000 in cash, through this GAE product you can save RM100,000 worth of gold. The increase in profit was calculated on the RM100,000 earlier. This is the best opportunity for Malaysians.

Imagine also, you have a bank deposit of RM10,000, then the value of your money remains RM10,000 in the bank account. Even if there is a profit, it is not worth it. But with GAE products, the amount of your money increases 10 times (RM100,000). So, act wisely now. Convert your money to gold value.


There are several interesting features of Quantum Metal, among them are:
  • 24/7 Daily Transaction System
  • Withdrawal into your account or physical gold and no withdrawal limit.
  • 100% Backed By 99.9% Physical Gold
  • Can make a purchase with a rate as low as RM10 only. Gold purity is internationally certified by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).
  • Guaranteed Low Gold Price
  • The best price on the market and updated daily.
  • Islamic Pawn Facility
  • Can withdraw up to 85% of your gold value.
  • Production of Physical Gold
  • Quick and easy withdrawal center backed by International Bullion House.
  • Withdrawals In Your Currency
  • Foreign currencies accepted, worldwide (international) money transfers
  • Backed By Local Banks
  • Local bank as an agent. Sharia-compliant concept. Monitored by Bank Negara Malaysia.
  • User-Friendly System
  • There are QM Gold Apps to do business easily and quickly using a smartphone. Safe online trading.
  • Brinks As The Official Billion Gold Vault
  • Gold stored at Brinks Singapore is 100% guaranteed and insured by Lloyd's Of London.


If you are interested in making a gold investment with Quantum Metal, please open an account for free. Click below:-

After registering, open the registered email and then click the link that Quantum Metal sent to create a PASSWORD and PIN number.

There is no withdrawal of money by a third party (3rd Party) all money payment matters are made by the investor himself. Safer and more secure.

Testimonials from the Investors  

Reagards. Associate  Prof Dr Nik Rahim Nik Wajis +6014 820 7111 (Call/Whatsapp) /   Nilai, Negeri Sembilan

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